Evernote Unveils Evernote Business

It’s great to see a best in class tool receive support and success. Evernote has been on our system for a couple of years now and we love it. Chris Crum wrote: Evernote Announces Evernote Business Get the WebProNews... 

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Google will Punish Copyright Infringement

Now Google is punishing so-called copyright infringement? What’s next? Punishment from Google if you use another search engine? Don’t eat broccoli? Smoke tobacco? Look 20 years into the future and tell me you don’t... 

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G is at it Again – The User Matters Not at All

Massive G and others have been getting away with far too much just because they are web companies. As if the user agreement gives them license to do whatever they please. Facebook, PayPal, Google; this goes beyond government keeping... 

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Social Media Access on Mobile Phones Grows

We would never say “I told you so” but this has been growing like cudzu since 2010. Local business needs to take action on thisĀ  and see a stimulus to business. Madeline Bennett wrote: Social Media Access Via Mobile... 

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Digital Ad Rev. to Increase by 13% in 2012

Is it the chicken or the egg? Do business owners stop spending on ads due to the slow economy or do they ramp it up to increase customers and prospects? Melanie White wrote: Digital Ad Revenues Will Grow 13% in 2012 Melanie... 

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